River Edge, NJ

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  • Daryle Pellegrino

  • Branch Manager Executive/MLO

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What sets Daryle apart is what drives him most: his heart. As the father of seven (with six daughters!), Daryle is fueled with a passionate commitment to make a difference in people’s lives and to continually represent himself in ways that only bring honor to his family. He teaches his children that the foundations to a successful life are hard work, kindness and integrity and his professional and personal successes are exemplary examples of this.  


After twenty years as a Mortgage Banker, the relationships he has nurtured with his clients, their families and his referral sources are what keeps him loving his job. He never overlooks the importance that people put their trust and faith in his hands during their homebuying or refinancing process,  which is often seen as  stressful and impersonal. He works every case as he would for his own family, ensuring that not only do his clients make sound financial decisions but that they also feel valued along the way.  


Daryle takes immense pride in keeping at the top of his game and his knowledge of all industry guidelines, regulations and nuisances allow for him to be successful in working with a wide array of clients with diverse backgrounds, qualifications and dreams. His meticulous attention to detail, his respect for tight deadlines and his desire to exceed all expectations always result in smiling faces around the closing table. 


As a family man whose heart is invested in the work that he does, Daryle is proud and honored to help his clients achieve their dreams of home ownership.  His expertise, his around the clock availability and his respectful approach make him a man you can have confidence in. 

It is refreshing to find you can trust what you’re being told. Especially these days regarding financial transactions. All I can say is....what a team! Upfront, no spin, and total commitment to make it work to your satisfaction . Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous; they went out of their way to make my mortgage loan happen for me - the way it should be - no fluff just results.

I do highly recommend.

John N from Little Falls NJ

To say that Daryle made our family’s dream come true is putting it mildly! Never would we have imagined that we would own a vacation home but now we do because of Daryle. It was a dream my family and I had for years and Daryle worked with us for nearly two years to fix our credit and make us financially viable to make this purchase. Now every time we pull into our beach house to enjoy some quality family time I always close my eyes and thank Daryle. He truly did so much more for our family than just merely get us a mortgage.

Aly A from Langley, WA

Working with Daryle exceeded any of my expectations. As a first time homebuyer, I was not familiar with the terminology or the best process people to involve. Right away Daryle was incredibly friendly and took time to determine what would be a good fit for me. Daryle saw me struggling with my real estate broker and recommended another one and she was also remarkable. Daryle even recommended other vendors with in the area, which I ended up using them all and greatly appreciated.

Daryle was willing to talk to me

Lynna P from New Milford, NJ